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About Our Project Management Methodology Support


Excellence in project management requires excellence in project management process methodology─and all of the elements that support good methodology. Management Solutions Group is well-positioned to support your organization in any number of different ways. This support breaks down into three main areas, as shown below. Please allow me to describe each of them…


Project Management Maturity Assessment and Advancement


The process of developing a rational improvement plan for your company’s overall project management capability should begin with an assessment of its current level of project management maturity. Applying a model developed by Management Solutions Group and based on industry best practices, we conduct a thorough, company-wide assessment, examining all aspects of your existing project management environment, including structures, methods, capabilities, and culture. The result is a comprehensive report that offers realistic suggestions on areas of improvement and a practical action plan.


Does your organization receive maximum benefit from the project management methods it currently uses?  Do its project management practices align with and support the overall business objectives?   Are the proper tools being used?    What performance gaps or operational barriers are preventing it from achieving project management excellence?  What can be done to improve? 


The Project Management Maturity Assessment addresses these common questions by taking an objective, thorough, enterprise-wide view of your current project management processes, tools, and culture. Through a combination of surveys, interviews, and observation, an accurate picture of your current condition can be provided. This serves as the baseline for the pursuit of project management excellence.




The Project Management Maturity Assessment process consists of three distinct phases:


(1) We help you understand where you are today. This analysis will reveal how well your organization is positioned to successfully support long term implementation of project management. It includes an analysis of a wide array of enabling methods and practices, such as your project execution processes, job designs and definitions, employee development processes, software tools, and more.

Our approach also includes a frank assessment of the prevailing attitudes across the organization toward project management.


(2) We use this information to develop a proposed set of solutions. This includes the development of a proposed implementation plan for addressing every issue uncovered during the analysis phase─specifically tailored to YOUR organizational environment.


(3) We work with your organization to decide on an appropriate action plan. This action plan must take into consideration your current operating environment, any known constraints, and other priorities that exist within the organization.     



  • Diagnostic surveys - project personnel
  • Diagnostic surveys - management personnel
  • Group/team interviews (onsite)
  • One-on-one interviews (onsite)
  • Direct observation



  • Baseline report (documented current state assessment)
  • Report of recommended solutions
  • Proposed action plan (suggested sequence and timing of recommendations)
  • Proposal for potential follow-up actions


For more information on our approach toward project management maturity assessment and advancement, Contact Us


Project Management Methodology Development


Perhaps you have already zeroed in on process methodology as a critical improvement area. That’s great. But using internal project personnel for project management methodology development can be a slow and surprisingly expensive approach. Whether you wish to fine tune your existing process or development and implement a new process, we can help. We have considerable experience in this area. If you currently have a process, we can evaluate that process and make recommendations. If you do not have a formal process in place, we can take our template and work with you to customize it so that it meets your specific needs.


Either way, relying upon us to provide this service for you will dramatically reduce the cycle time as well as the cost associated with this important effort. In turn, this will accelerate the realization of benefits that accompany the consistent application of project management methods.


To see how we can help you develop a sound project management methodology, Contact Us


Project Management Office (PMO) Design and Deployment


Many organizations come to realize that there is much to be said for centralizing the project management function. We agree. If that’s your focus, we can help you achieve that goal. One caution, though: many organizations have tried to set up a PMO without first establishing why it should exist at all. In most cases, this has led to failure or suboptimization.


We’ve recognize this pitfall. And so, our first step will be to examine your organization. The key to implementing a sustainable PMO is to fully understand the existing gaps in organizational performance and the best strategies for closing those gaps. This is how we establish the key design elements of your PMO, such as: its mission and key objectives, its position within the larger organization, its roles and responsibilities, and its membership.


If you’d like to better understand how we can work together on PMO implementation,please  Contact Us

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