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Personal Skills & PM Process Presentations

These presentations examine a wide array of techniques that deal with improving personal competency and advancing project management process excellence process.


The Amazing Transformation of American Eagle Federal Credit Union

This true story chronicles the transformation of the American Eagle Federal Credit Union, a rapidly growing financial institution in East Hartford, Connecticut, as they sought to dramatically improve their approach to project management. It describes the design and installation of an entire project management infrastructure suited to meet their business needs. All aspects of the project management process were addressed, such as: developing procedures for identifying and approving projects, selecting project management software, implementing skill-building programs, developing a project process manual, and installing a PMO. The result was a dramatic transformation of their project portfolio -- from a liability to a strategic weapon.


(An actual, “true-life” case study that is information-rich, comprehensive, and practical)


20 Principles for Managing the Management Interface

Provides several tips, techniques, and suggestions on the subject of effective communication and appropriate behavior when interacting with upper management. Specifically considers situations or relationships that may be somewhat "testy".


(A seldom-discussed, but valuable topic)


The 10 Key Roles of Project Sponsors: Phase-By-Phase

What are some of the most imprteant things management sponsors can (and should!) be doong throughout the entire life cycle of the project? This presentation answers that questions as it walks through the foiur major phases of a project (Initiation-Planning-Execution-Closing).