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HOW TO Presentations

This group of presentations that are intended to literally teach or demonstrate a specific competency or approach. Some are technical─all are extremely content-rich.


How To Make High Quality Decisions…Every Time!

A highly interactive session that challenges the audience to stop the habit of "solution-jumping" when making decisions (which we all tend to do). Encourages (and teaches) attendees how to identify and consider all underlying factors in any situation before determining what the "best" decision may be.

(Reflective, very interactive, and practically applicable)


How To Make a Smooth Transition From Technical Geek (er, "Expert") to  Effective

Project Manager

Provides a number of  insights -- some quite humorous, but true -- on what makes the transformation from technical expert to project manager so difficult for many. Offers specific tips for making the transition easier and more effective.

(Reflective, insightful, and humorous)


How To Construct a Complete Project Management Culture in Any Organization

Proposes a comprehensive, five-element model that includes all of the components and subcomponents necessary for an organization to consider themselves as having a total project management "system“ in place. Also offers some tips and suggestions on effective implementation.  

(Highly educational for organizationally-minded people)


How To Prepare a Winning Business Case for Your Next Project

Walks attendees through a comprehensive and detailed outline which describes proper technique

in terms of substance, form, and content for preparing formal business cases on projects. Includes

a template for preparing a comprehensive business case (takeaway).


(Extremely informative, content-rich, and practical, perhaps a bit “dry”)


How to Build a Strategically Aligned Project Portfolio


Can you learn everything there is to know about building a strategically-aligned project portfolio in a one hour presentation?  Of course not.  But you can get an excellent perspective on the underlying processes of strategic portfolio management!   In this presentation, attendees will get an informative overview of the key steps involved in identifying projects "from the top down". Using this method is key to (finally) eliminating the time, trouble, and anguish associated with trying to figure out whether a given project is aligned -- it's automatic!   Most important, the approach presented in this session represents a critical step toward a future of sound portfolio management.


(A very advanced and extremely valuable topic—may have somewhat limited audience, however)

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