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About Our Career Development Support


The systematic development of project management personnel is one of the best investments an organization can make. Management Solutions Group offers a variety of approaches and methods for supporting this investment. These approaches can be grouped into three broad programs as described below.


Internal Project Management Certification Program


More and more companies are beginning to recognize that─although “generic” project management certification programs certainly have value─they just don’t go far enough when it comes to incorporating knowledge and competency specific to their company. The answer: company-specific project management certification programs.


We can work with you to design and implement a certification program that is tailored to YOUR projects, YOUR processes, and YOUR organizational environment. The result is a powerful and effective program of education and skill-building that has specific application to your organization.


To discuss the details of our approach, please Contact Us


Project Manager Competency Development


Many people are asked to lead teams without a clear understanding of the required skills. Without this insight, an individual’s ability to improve their skills is severely hampered. The strategy for self-development becomes one of painful trial-and-error. In addition, the organization lacks clear understanding of how competent their team leaders actually are, and how competent they should be. 

Our Team Leadership Development Tool addresses these concerns by creating a consistent process that can be used to strengthen and enhance the capability of existing or prospective team leaders and project managers. It identifies hundreds of observable behaviors from 16 or more functional competency groupings.


Through self-assessment, team leaders can evaluate their competency “gaps”, identify potential improvement opportunities, and develop a customized self-improvement plan. Team leaders are guided through a self-assessment in each of the competency categories. Examples of targeted and observable behaviors enable users to assess his or her level of proficiency in each area.


Organizations can customize the Team Leadership Development Tool by modifying the competencies and by identifying the desired proficiency level expected from their team leaders in each of the competencies. Armed with insights from these assessments, team leaders and project managers can then identify where gaps may exist between their level of proficiency and what is expected of them by the organization. Finally, the tool offers suggestions on how to close the gap and improve their proficiency in each competency.



-   Diagnostic self-assessment

-   Observable behavioral cues



-   Comprehensive gap analysis

-   Personal development plan


To learn more about this tool, or to discuss the details of our approach, please Contact Us


Career Development and Planning


We can work with you to design and implement an employee development process that reflects best practices, while being customized to mesh with your company’s culture and project management environment. This kind of process typically includes some (or all) of the following components: 

    Development of comprehensive job descriptions─specific to project-related roles

    Implementation of functional competency profiles to support job descriptions

    Application of relevant competency assessment instruments

    Development of logical project management career paths


The above components could be implemented individually, or combined with other elements of career development to create a formal, company-specific Internal Project Management Certification Program, as described above.