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Contracting, Outsourcing, and Project Management (2 days)
The concept behind contracting and outsourcing as project activities is really: Figure out what yoou do well, and have others do the rest. This can relate to work on projects as well as establishing who you will outsource work to after the project is handed off to an operational environment.
As companies have become more "lean and mean", interest in contracting and outsourcing has grown rapidly over the past several years. Unfortunately, many companies do not handle contracting and outsourcing in an efficient or effective manner.
The Contracting and Outsourcing for Projects Workshop addresses this issue. Here, participants come to understand the motivations and the techniques behind handing off critical elements of work to other parties.
Topics covered include: 
Part I:  Program Introduction
    1.1  Program Overview
    1.2  Contracting / Outsourcing as Business Functions

Part II:  Introduction to Contracting and Outsourcing
    2.1  The Basic Contracting/Outsourcing Process
    2.2  Critical Success Factors in Contracting/Outsourcing

Part III:  The Outsourcing Process─Best Practices
    3.1  Making the Decision to Contract or Outsource
    3.2  Preparing to Contract or Outsource
    3.3  Evaluating and Selecting Supplier(s)
    3.4  Structuring and Administering the Supplier Relationship:
              The Project Management Perspective
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