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HOW TO Prepare a Winning Project Business Case (1 day)
More and more comapnies are recognizing that there is often a considerable amount of money at stake in the process of selecting and approavong projects. So how can an organziation be assured that the project investment that is being prposed is a sound  one? Answer: Prepare a business case!

Project Business Cases are used by senior management to assess the financial justification of a proposed project, as the basis for comparison of a number of projects competing for limited funds, or to assess alternatives and/or spending options for project that have already been formally approved. If properly prepared, the business case will confirm senior management support and/or resourcing for a recommended course of action (option).  .

Preparation of a high quality, thorough Project Business Case requires considerable knowledge AND technique. HOW TO Prepare a Winning Business Case is an excellent way to gain that knowledge and technique. Our program delves deeply into the reasons for preparing business cases and offers best practices for business case prearation. It also provides particicpants with several templates as a useful takeaway.  


Module 1.  How to build a credible business case

Module 2.  How to identify and measure business benefits

Module 3.  How to prepare and use financial models

Module 4.  How to incorporate risk and uncertainty in your projections

Module 5.  The value in packaging and presenting your business case
                     for optimum effect
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