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Project Management Tools, Techniques, Templates, and Tips (2 or 3 days)
A project manager, by definition, is responsible for managing all aspects of a project. This includes using the right tools and techniques at the right time. Unfortunately, many project managers are asked to lead projects without the benefit of meaningful education in these tools and techniques -- the "mechanics" of project management.  The Project Management Tools, Techniques, Templates and Tips Workshop guides participants through the project management process in "real time", from beginning to end. A wide variety of tools and techniques are presented, along with strategies for their effective implementation.

Who should attend:

Anyone who regularly participates on projects will benefit from attending this workshop. This includes project leaders, team members, and any other support people who need to understand project management tools, techniques, and processes.

Key topics covered include:

* Is it a customer need or a solution?...and why should the project manager care?
* Distinguishing between the scope of the project and the scope of work
* Identifying and displaying the project tasks
* Developing and interpreting the project network diagram
* Developing a project control schedule using critical path methodology
* Estimating project costs and developing a project budget
* Analyzing and addressing project risk
* Tracking progress and maintaining control during project execution
* Managing to an orderly project closeout

Participants will learn how to:

* Distinguish customer requirements from project solutions
* Use brainstorming techniques to get the most from the team and subject matter experts
* Define the boundaries of project scope
* Develop a Work Breakdown Structure in a team environment
* Estimate work package effort, duration, and cost
* Develop a risk-based project schedule in a team environment
* Deal with chronic problems like "the imposed deadline syndrome"
* Solicit accurate and reliable input from the team on project status
* Bring the project to an orderly conclusion

Instructional methods and learning tools:

* Interactive classroom instruction
* "Hands-on" small group exercises

Take-away tools:

* Floppy disk with 12 useful templates
* Checklist for identifying potential project problems


If you would like more information on this program contact us

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